"Advances in Power System Modelling, Control and Stability Analysis"

Advances in Power System Modelling, Control and Stability Analysis describes the variety of new methodologies and technologies that are changing the way modern electric power systems are modelled, simulated and operated.

It mixes theoretical aspects with practical considerations, as well as benchmarks test systems and real-world applications.

This book is for researchers in academia and industry in electric power systems modelling and control; also for advanced students in these areas.

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Topics covered include:

Research works on power system modelling.

Applications of telegrapher equations.

Power flow analysis with inclusion of uncertainty.

Discrete Fourier transformation and stochastic differential equations.

Power system operation and control and presents insights on optimal power flow, real-time control and state estimation techniques.

Advances in the stability analysis of power systems and covers voltage stability, transient stability, time delays, and limit cycles.