"Converter-Interfaced Energy Storage Systems"

Gain an in-depth understanding of converter-interfaced energy storage systems with this unique text, covering modelling, dynamic behaviour, control, and stability analysis. Providing comprehensive coverage, it demonstrates the technical and economic aspects of energy storage systems, and provides a thorough overview of energy storage technologies. Several different modelling techniques are presented, including power system models, voltage-sourced converter models, and energy storage system models.

Using a novel stochastic control approach developed by the authors, you will learn about the impact of energy storage on the dynamic interaction of microgrids with distribution and transmission systems. Compare the numerous real-world simulation data and numerical examples provided with your own models and control strategies.

Accompanied online by a demo of the software used for solving the simulations discussed in the book, this is the ideal text for graduate students, researchers, and industry professionals working in power system dynamics, renewable energy integration, and smart grid development.

The book is available here!