Advanced Modelling for Power System Analysis and Simulation (AMPSAS) focuses on the development of novel analytical and computational tools to understand, efficiently design, and optimize ever-changing modern power systems and smart grids, through model-based approaches.

Three aspects of power systems that have a significant impact on renewable energy supply and power system operation are considered, as follows: (i) the consideration of stochastic differential equations for modelling power systems which are subject to large stochastic perturbations (e.g., wind and solar generation); (ii) the effect of controller and modelling imperfections (e.g., delays, discontinuities, digital signals, etc.) on both local and area-wide regulators in power systems; and (iii) the stability analysis of power systems modeled through stochastic, functional and hybrid differential-algebraic equations (DAEs).

This project is highly interdisciplinary as it integrates areas of applied mathematics, automatic control, and computer science. The support of international collaborators and the Irish transmission system operator, EirGrid, will be fundamental to provide the required knowledge, skills and data and to discuss, test and implement the models and the techniques emanated by the developemnt of this project.

Six PhD students and two PostDocs will be funded through this project. The topics of the six PhDs are the following:

  • PhD 1. Modelling of stationary and non-stationary stochastic processes to be included in power system models.
  • PhD 2. Stability analysis and robust control of power system with high level of uncertainty and volatility.
  • PhD 3. Stability analysis and robust control of power system with inclusion of measurement delays.
  • PhD 4. Application of shooting methods to the stability analysis of power systems showing oscillatory behaviour.
  • PhD 5. Stability analysis and control of differential equations with discontinuous right-hand sides.
  • PhD 6. Analysis of the impact of digital signals and behavioral models on power system stability.

The recruiting process is completed at this time. Future vacancies will be posted here.

Publications related to the project are available here, here and here.

More details on the software tool developed for the project is available here.